Refreshing HTML-CSS Skills on Team Treehouse

I’ve been using Team Treehouse to refresh my HTML/CSS skills. Why Treehouse? They have a built in text editor called ‘Workspace’ that works inside the browser. I can easily follow along on screen 1 and code markup on screen 2. I use Mac and Workspace integrates well with OSX.

Treehouse Track: How to Make a Website

First, I sign on to my track. Then, I click on Downloads > Select Project Files. > Download > Open Files on Finder (Mac). > Drag files into Workspace and follow along with the 5 – 10 minute video.

Wordspace from Treehouse

What I see on my second screen.

I’m currently working on the Take a Mobile-First Approach,’ which is Stage 4 of the track.   When I encounter a section that I am already familiar with, I increase the speed of the video to 1.25-1.5. When I don’t understand something I either troll the forums or Google the question. Its the perfect set up for me.

What’s Next?

On Monday or Tuesday I’ll be back on Coursera to resume my Data Science Track. I’m learning how to space out the subjects I went to be great out throughout the week and the month.

Oh, that reminds me . . . If your a veteran of the armed forces Coursera offers one free certified course as a way to say thank you! Here’s the link: Coursera Veterans. The value of the course depends on the track.  Ballpark Value: $29-49.

Why I’m reducing the time I devote to teaching my self how to program.

I’m taking a step back and asking myself why. Why do I want to learn to code? Is it for a higher paying job? Is it the money? Is it the change of work environment? Actually, it’s none of the above. It’s a creative outlet for me. An opportunity to solve problems and gain instant feedback. That’s what I love about it. That is why will sign up given the chance to study computer science on,, and if I didn’t have so many things competing for my attention.  I’m also weak in math, but know that with practice I can be better. I’m taking an online class on math and I’m learning what math can do to your mind in such areas as programming. I’ve come to realize that math is essential because it makes you think in creative ways in order to solve problems.

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I’m previewing the Swift Programming Language Tutorial on Team Treehouse

I’ll admit it. I’m a proud Apple fan boy, so when I found out Apple was releasing a new programming language it got me excited. Really excited. You see, I’m in the middle of learning the in’s and out’s of computer science from resources ranging from MOOCs, YouTube, and reading as many relavent articles. My goal is to go deep into the iOS and OSX ecosystem and create useful everyday apps that enrich my family’s daily life.

I recently received an e-mail from Team Treehouse’s CEO Ryan Carson letting me that I can now learn Swift from both Team Treehouse desktop version and iOS version. I’d like to invite folks who like me, don’t have time for college or it just isn’t a priority, but are still hell bent on learning programming to take a peak by clicking the links below.

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Watch Swift Trailer.
Try Team Treehouse for Free.
Apple Swift Resource Page

Apple Swift Programming Languaget Resources