Go After It. Motivational Monday via Gary V

Another great short Motivational Monday video by Garvy V. This guy inspires me to the nth
degree – “Work hard and Work smart.” Here’s the Facebook link to the video and his page. – Go After It. ** For whatever reason Facebook video embed code isn’t working =(

Gary V speaking to students at USC

To be great U have to FIGHT!! You are 1000% in control of your work level

Posted by Gary Vaynerchuk on Monday, April 13, 2015

Monday’s are Awesome by GV

 Embedded post from Gary Vaynerchuk saying “F U Monday!” Now thats you start off a week!

This WeekIn Start-ups ~ Hooked: How to Build Habit-Forming Products

This week I watched and listened to (at least 3 times) a great talk by Nir Eyal author of “Hooked,” on how to create habit forming products. Definitely worth watching if your creating a new product or want to improve on a current one.

I have an idea of a real estate product that leverages data and social networks I will be working on soon as a side project, but for now I’m interested in applying what I learn here in creating landing pages and ad copy for a couple of companies on working closely with.

If your interested in listening to his audiobook consider using my link below. Yes, it is an affiliate link :)

Refreshing HTML-CSS Skills on Team Treehouse

I’ve been using Team Treehouse to refresh my HTML/CSS skills. Why Treehouse? They have a built in text editor called ‘Workspace’ that works inside the browser. I can easily follow along on screen 1 and code markup on screen 2. I use Mac and Workspace integrates well with OSX.

Treehouse Track: How to Make a Website

First, I sign on to my track. Then, I click on Downloads > Select Project Files. > Download > Open Files on Finder (Mac). > Drag files into Workspace and follow along with the 5 – 10 minute video.

Wordspace from Treehouse

What I see on my second screen.

I’m currently working on the Take a Mobile-First Approach,’ which is Stage 4 of the track.   When I encounter a section that I am already familiar with, I increase the speed of the video to 1.25-1.5. When I don’t understand something I either troll the forums or Google the question. Its the perfect set up for me.

What’s Next?

On Monday or Tuesday I’ll be back on Coursera to resume my Data Science Track. I’m learning how to space out the subjects I went to be great out throughout the week and the month.

Oh, that reminds me . . . If your a veteran of the armed forces Coursera offers one free certified course as a way to say thank you! Here’s the link: Coursera Veterans. The value of the course depends on the track.  Ballpark Value: $29-49.